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V10 resets its sustainability journey

At the very moment V10 is releasing this news post, the main news is that the UK is experiencing the most extreme weather ever and temperatures have just exceeded 40 degrees for the first time.

The planet is sending humanity a message. That message is clear; reduce greenhouse gas emissions or face even more extreme weather events and its devastating consequences.

Net zero

The path to net-zero is a colossal single species endeavour that many of the world’s population are embarked upon. Every industry sector is addressing it. Every company or organisation is assessing its policies, its products and its services – each with the intention of contributing to net zero and adopting a more sustainable approach. V10 is no exception.

Sustainability benchmarks

To ensure that our future developments are increasingly sustainable, V10 has devised its own ‘sustainability benchmarks’ which are based on three pillars; environmental, social and economic, with each pillar having 10x specific measurements. Each of our developments will attract a % sustainability rating and we have applied this test to all our currently live projects to create our starting point.

Sustainability pledges

Having rated our live developments, V10’s management team considered where the company and team could make a further contribution to improving the sustainability ratings of our future developments. There were many options but the team decided to adopt three pledges:

  1. Increase the use of MMC in our supply chain
  2. Increase the delivery of net bio-diversity
  3. Increase the delivery of affordable homes above s106 requirements

Karl Timberlake, V10’s Land and Operations Director commented

“We introduced our sustainability benchmarks to enable us to measure and strive for better sustainable outputs in the future. It has made us conscious of where we can deliver positive change by focusing day in, day out on our three pledges.

Heatwaves, drought, famine, migration, woodland fires and extreme weather are all coming down the line faster than we would want. So V10 will do it’s best to play a part in arresting this trend with its re-focussed efforts”

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