Supply. Every stage counts.

V10 Limited

V10 has access to a significant amount of development land and build capacity on a consistent basis.

Land Supply

Land is the lifeblood of any property developer. V10 has access to a plentiful and exclusive supply of residential development land.

Land, mainly off-market, is sourced to match the specific requirements of V10’s customers. New opportunities are reviewed weekly, and carefully selected by V10’s Directors. This ensures V10 is always able to bring forward good development opportunities on a consistent basis, with vendors we can genuinely do business with.

Build Capacity

V10 has forged extensive relationships with a wide range of build contractors operating in the South East of England. Therefore our build capacity is very high. We’ve built significant positive, collaborative relationships with our contacts, all of whom are at Director or owner level. This ensures we dovetail in unison with our contractors. They are part of V10’s extended collaborative team.

We make sure that any potential contractor partner can demonstrate they have the turnover, experience, reputation, geographical reach and capacity. They will need to show a positive attitude to delivering an outstanding scheme and the best customer service to our RP clients. Unless V10 is convinced first, our RP partners will never even meet them.