Risk. Always one step ahead.

V10 Limited

All property developers have to assess risk. Acting as lead developer V10 always has the key risk items and their solutions identified at an early stage of engagement with an RP development partner.

After a workable budget for the scheme’s delivery has been agreed, we work transparently with our RP partner to demonstrate the best solutions to all the items identified in our evolving risk register. These items can relate to the land title, ground conditions, contamination, build design, planning conditions, section 106 requirements, utilities and services.

Before our RP clients engagement, V10 reviews the market risk of the proposed scheme and will have carefully selected the nominated build contracting partner to ensure they will pass your PQQ requirements.

Market Risk

V10 undertakes extensive market research using live quantitative data and historic comparables information. This is supplied directly to us from the UK’s leading property market analytics company. We supplement this with qualitative market research, digging deep into the local second hand market and also assessing nearby actual or forthcoming new build competitors.

This detailed due diligence ensures that there is an identified marketplace for the range of tenure products our RP partner is aiming to supply. Our attention to detail in relation to market demand, sales rates, achievable sales and rental values ensures the scheme is optimised and ultimately a viable and commercial success. Unless V10 is convinced first, our RP partners will never even see the scheme.