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Reserved matters application submitted for 87 homes for Stonewater

V10 is pleased to report on the submission of a reserved matters application at the Tunkers Lane, Bury site we successfully delivered for Stonewater as key package deal procurers within our client RP’s operational patch.

Meeting housing need

The application is seeking permission to provide a wholly affordable mixed tenure residential development for 87 new units. The mix of properties will consist of one, two, three and four bedroom homes that are shared ownership, social rent, affordable rent and rent to buy to support local housing needs.

Street scenes with interest

The proposed sustainable community has been designed in such a manner that facades are to be afforded with a contemporary appearance which sit comfortably in a rural setting. This will be achieved using a carefully selected palette of multi-textured red and buff bricks whilst using black and dark grey feature bricks to create subtle patterning to elevations providing a sense eye pleasing interest within the development’s street scenes.

Coupled with the above the scheme will contain feature house types in key locations which have decorative frontages and enhanced glazing to gables, providing kerb appeal throughout.

Amenity and infrastructure improvements

The development will provide new pedestrian connectivity and on-site open space giving due regard to the retention of existing mature trees. The scheme contains a newly created central green space which properties overlook with the main spine road being lined with mature tress to create a boulevard effect. The unmade part of Tunkers Lane is to be reformed under a section 278 agreement and widened along the site frontage providing an overall improvement to the infrastructure for local residents to benefit from.

Sustainability initiatives

Alongside the open space and trees to be preserved there are number of additional sustainable initiatives that align with V10’s values. In this regard new enhanced planting will take place throughout the scheme (and off-site) to bolster net gain bio diversity and ecology.

In order to contain and attenuate ground water permeable paving and a SUDS pond feature will be incorporated into the scheme providing sustainable drainage measures. All properties are to be provided with cycle sheds to encourage active travel by bicycle and air source heat pumps are to be provided throughout as a form of non-fossil fuel heating.

Modern Methods Of Construction

In delivering the scheme to Stonewater, modern methods of construction are to be adopted which aligns with V10’s core sustainability value. Here building components are to be built off site in a controlled factory environment and installed on site. The benefit of this approach minimises the time and energy spent on site whilst reducing pollution and disruption at site level and to the surrounding neighbourhood. Waste can also be controlled and reduced more easily when applying the uses of repetitive MMC processes and installations. Travel disruption is notably reduced around the country as MMC factory workers are geographically concentrated around the catchment to their premises reducing an impact on the environment as a whole.

Meeting Our Values

The scheme proposals have been tailored to align with V10’s objectives to provide enhanced BNG initiatives across all of our sites whilst striving to ensure the use of MMC methods are adopted as future pipeline sites are realised.

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