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Repeat business secret to our growth

Earlier this week V10 was exclusively approached by a landowner to collaborate on a new project. This would be our third deal with them. But why did they come back?

The Holy Grail of Repeat Business

Any business school will teach its students the importance of achieving repeat business with its clients and partners. Why? Repeat customers will do more business with you, they are easier to deal with, they will promote your business and this means the business needs to use less effort to find new customers. Customer and partner retention is a key benchmark by which any business should measure itself. So, having been approached again to collaborate on a new project this week we reviewed our repeat business credentials and found that 78% of all our projects were agreed with partners on more than one occasion. So, what do our customers, suppliers and partners think of V10?


Most people these days will review a product or service by casting an eye over that company’s latest Google reviews after an internet search. The problem is V10 doesn’t have any! However, we do have professional testimonials and have a full page on our website dedicated to this – link here. Some of the extracted comments are below:

  • The crucial aspect of dealing with V10 for me is the certainty I have experienced in them performing on the terms we have agreed
  • As land promoters we are well versed with the trials and tribulations of selling sites with multiple owners. On our dealings with V10, however, these problems virtually vanished
  • V10 have expertise in unlocking sites with high abnormal costs and finding innovative solutions to sites with problems in the ground
  • They are professional, responsive, experienced, and trustworthy
  • We have always the V10 team to be straight talking, professional and friendly with a tenacity to get the deal done.


V10’s Approach

At the heart of all of V10’s business dealings there are some key principles with corresponding actions that the team adheres to. Karl Timberlake, Land & Operations Director explains.

“Trust is the key principle. Trust that what we say is true. Trust that what we say we’ll do, we’ll do. Trust in that we know what is important to a land seller or contractor or registered provider and that we’ll always seek to find a win-win solution. We value medium and long terms relationships over short term commercial expediency. We adhere strongly to the three C’s; collaboration, communication and credibility. Clearly actioning these principles has ensured that V10 has achieved repeat business – which is the key to our success. This will hopefully lead to another phone call inviting us into the next deal next week!”

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