Certainty. It starts with communication.

V10 Limited

All the landowners we agree deals with have the comfort of having on-going visibility of our due diligence programme as we move towards the certainty of completion.

Communication is the key to a successful transaction. It’s why V10 demonstrates at an early stage the covenant strength of our RP partner. This gives the landowner confidence that proof of funds has been achieved, and that they will be available for completion.

We will also communicate the key dates for valuations, Board Approval, any ground investigations and the projected exchange and completions dates. All this is set out in our Pre-Development Programme which ensures the commitments we make on actions and timings are adhered to.

The Directors of V10 are fair-minded. We honour our words.

With the backing of an RP, harnessing their financial strength and funds, together with a clear and visible plan for completion, all landowners can have the certainty of achieving the smoothest of transactions.