Turning a neglected site into affordable homes.

Windmill Lane, Mitcham

In 2017 Viridian (now Optivo) took possession of this finished scheme of 20 dwellings.

The site was formerly part of a large site delivered by Notting Hill, but the land remained undeveloped for a considerable amount of time. This was mainly due to unquantifiable contamination issues.

During that period the owners obtained planning consent for 16 apartments and four houses. However they struggled to find a buyer with the ability to structure and execute a commercially viable deal. Building on the good relationship established with the landowners, Karl Timberlake seized the opportunity to structure a package deal with Viridian – one which didn’t represent risk and yet allowed the landowners to optimise their return. A fair deal one might say.

The result of those endeavours is an outstanding scheme which is to be occupied by people in need of affordable homes. The land was sourced by V10’s sister company Terra Firma Land.